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Webinar Make Strategy Work - On Demand

The Dutch Pension Market is on the eve of its biggest and most challenging transition in history. By 2026 each pension institute has to comply with the New Pension System. The transition requires an organisation wide transformation where product administration, data security and quality, customer experience and compliance towards financial authorities play a crucial role.

Where transitions often fail are, the underestimation of their complexity, the barriers of legacy systems, lack of insight in the progress and lack of agility.

It is time for all players on the Dutch pension market to act. Make strategy work. But where to start and what to pay attention to when you want to enable a smooth transition?

IG&H’s pension expert, Mark Boerekamp will talk about this specific market challenge, and the Pension Solution. The first and currently only product on the market, that is designed for pension institutions to embrace the transition, powered by Mavim.

*This session is a joint initiative of IG&H and Mavim. By clicking 'Register' you agree to having your details passed on to the speaker of this session.

Webinar Make strategy work - On Demand

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