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Webinar Mine, design & improve business processes - On Demand

The ability to visualize an organization’s processes (and all existing variations) based on an event log is the game changer that we’ve been waiting for. No longer is it necessary for consultants to hold lengthy and expensive interviews to get one view of how processes run! This can be visualized immediately to create a foundation upon which fact-based discussions can be held – all from within Microsoft Power BI! 

But process mining alone can’t account for all processes and process steps that make up an organization’s operating model. Moreover, process mining alone won’t be able to give information about what should have happened; it just shows you what did happen while proving the needs for a target operating model based on process specific KPIs. Together, the operational context and drill down into the live data form a Digital Twin of an Organization – a marketplace in which Mavim is a leading vendor. 

Together, Mavim & PAF empower customers to be able to mine, design, and improve their business processes.  

In this session Tobias Rother (CEO of PAF) and Thomas Littooij (Value Engineer at Mavim) will show you how the combination of Mavim & PAF can radically enhance efficiency, reduce operational risks, improve customer journey touchpoints, and increase productivity. 

*This session is a joint initiative of PAF and Mavim. By clicking 'Register' you agree to having your details passed on to the speaker of this session.

Webinar Mine, design & improve business processes - On Demand

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