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Webinar The power of a Digital Twin to Accelerate Dynamics 365 implementations - On Demand

Success of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP, CRM, HRM) implementation is driven by a good understanding of our customers processes and a transparent communication between consultants and key stakeholders at the customer. On top of that, it is key to control the scope of the project and to accelerate the time to value.

To realize these objectives, we have adopted an implementation approach based upon industry-specific standard processes and preconfigured systems.

Our comprehensive “Cegeka Enterprise Model”, based upon MAVIM, is the cornerstone of that implementation approach and the basis for defining the Digital Twin of a company.

The model holds an industry specific library of business processes and visualizations, serving as the starting point for every implementation. Secondly, an “implementation library”, holding pre-configurations and adapted documentation,  in line with those industry-specific processes, lead to a faster implementation of common processes allowing a shift of efforts to differentiating and more value-adding processes.

Finally, the resulting digital twin at the end of an implementation, is also the foundation for continuous improvements so that we can help our customers to stay current at all times.

*This session is a joint initiative of Cegeka and Mavim. By clicking 'Register' you agree to having your details passed on to the speaker of this session.

Webinar The power of a Digital Twin to Accelerate Dynamics 365 implementations - On Demand

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