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Mine Design & Improve Business Processes with Mavim

Are you still making use of expensive consulting firms to help you understand and visualize critical business processes?  Have you heard of process mining but been scared off by the cost or commitment of bringing new technology to your organization?  Then this webinar is for you!  In a short 45 minute session, we will guide you through the cutting edge technology that makes it possible to mine, design, and improve business processes from within your existing Microsoft technology.  


Based on a use case from the insurance industry you will learn the following:

  1. Mine - Bring transparency to your most important processes and understand where you can optimize for the greatest impact. There is no need for additional tools when you can extract data, analyze the results, and re-design the process all in PowerBI.  Business analysts who make use of PowerBI are empowered with preconfigured dashboards that include information about lead time, automation rate, and most frequent variants. 
  2. Design - Explain the flow of work across the organization to business users by using PowerPoint like visuals. In Mavim, you see processes represented as a graphical flow model, which depict and orchestrate the flow of work across organizational units in the language of business users. By visually exposing processes, both managers and participants are encouraged to work at the process level rather than an application or task level.
  3. Improve - Mobilize your organization to change by visualizing the current way of working versus the desired way of working. With Mavim, you can enrich your target operating model with data from your systems of record. This allows you to visualize how work happens for all stakeholders. With this insight, you can mobilize everyone in your organization to change the way they work and ultimately transform your business.

Mine Design & Improve Business Processes with Mavim

tue 21 april 2020 16:00 - 16:45 (CEST) Online

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