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Increase the Success Rate of Dynamics 365 Implementations with THE Microsoft Based Process Mining & Analysis Engine integrated with D365 & LCS

According to industry experts, more than 75% of all ERP implementations fail to achieve the desired results.  Even if they manage to stay within the constraints of an organization’s budget, scope and deadline, they often cause a massive, disruptive impact on the organization’s people and business critical processes.

Mavim provides a solution that brings the focus back to the business and its people, by helping organizations understand, visualize, communicate and channel the business’ requirements into ERP/CRM functionality. Learn how the Mavim software increases the success rate of Dynamics 365 implementations. Check out the videos below for a short introduction or join our webinar on Wednesday, April 15th!


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Mavim Process Mining (based on PowerBI) to understand the current state of your/your customer’s application landscape.
  • How to develop best practices that can be simply visualized in Mavim (based on Microsoft Visio).
  • How to work collaboratively on a Dynamics 365 implementation thanks to the Mavim integration with D365, LCS, and AzureDevOps
  • How to ensure that you can measure and monitor the newly implemented processes post go live with Mavim Process Mining (in PowerBI)

Webinar Increase the Success Rate of Dynamics 365 Implementations

Thu 2 July 2020 15:30 - 16:15 (CEST) Online

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