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Strategy Execution Management

Strategy Execution Management with Mavim

Gain the ability to make more conscious investment choices and adapt your program portfolio to business disruptions.

When business disruption inevitably occurs, organizations need to respond with adaptive funding and proactive decision making to mitigate the damage.  Strategy execution management can be the difference in excelling despite disruption.

Mavim ensures simple strategy-to-execution alignment, governance, and communication, and facilitates easy adaptation when strategies shift due to changing priorities or business disruptions. By connecting strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim creates visibility into operations, which allows decisions to be made in context of the impact it would have on the organization. Gain the ability to make more conscious investment choices and get more out of your organization's finite resources. 

The Challenge

What is holding Strategy Realization Officers back?

Large transformation programs continue to fail at astonishing rates.  Academic studies put those numbers at somewhere between 70-90%.  In theory, the executive branch sets the strategy, which gets cascaded down across the entire program portfolio and balanced to ensure only the most strategic programs get resources.  In reality, many organizations still fall back on funding programs that have dubious impact on strategy – and when the programs finally get underway, the priorities have changed in response to the outside world.  Approaching strategy execution in a vacuum will ensure failure.

What Makes Mavim Unique

process discovery

Built on the Microsoft Stack

Built with the business end-user in mind, Mavim has created a highly intuitive software that Gartner calls “BPA for the masses.” Because it works in the same way as the Microsoft product suite, it is simple to establish end-user adoption on a wide-scale.

Process Intelligence

Mine data from your operational systems, visualize your processes, and transform from a static to a dynamic organization. Mavim shows you what is happening in real time so you can identify opportunities to increase revenue, free capital and ensure customer satisfaction.

For your role

Are you a strategy realization officer looking for a way to ensure your organization lives and breathes the strategic vision? Are you looking for a way to mobilize core capabilities within your organization in order to get the job done? Request a call back with one of our representatives to learn more about how this technology can empower you by providing insight that will allow you to make decisions that will ensure the execution of strategy in spite of inevitable business disruption.    




Mavim offers an interactive business portal which improves transformation success by simplifying collaboration and providing a reliable information source for all end-users. In addition to the standard publication via the Mavim Portal, Mavim offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint which allows you to continue making use of your company’s existing communication and information flows.


Make use of one of the numerous frameworks embedded in the software in order to translate corporate strategy into a business transformation plan. Empower business leaders to focus on business outcomes and predict the impact of change that is planned, change that is in-flight, and changes to existing assets relative to plans and projects by leveraging Mavim for future-state analysis.


Innovation is an important topic for organizations that want to stay competitive. Yet, the vast majority of innovation projects drain a company's resources without delivering concrete results. Leverage Mavim to gain insight into innovative initiatives and to understand the impact innovation has on your organization. Not only will Mavim create insight into the connection between operations and innovation, but Mavim will also empower you to utilize innovation budget to drive corporate strategy.

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A strategy map is a diagram that shows your organization's strategy on a single page. It’s great for quickly communicating big-picture objectives to everyone in the company. With a well-designed strategy map, every employee can know your overall strategy and where they fit in.

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