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Building a House...With Mavim!

At a one-off implementation exercise? Meh…. not sure. Sure, lots of wins are here to be made in terms of not just re-doing what you already had or have, but now in a new system, so why not redesign processes, cut down waste, streamline your way of working and turn noses in one direction at the same time? While a good idea, it might take additional time to actually get things set up in and anchored on Mavim’s platform. The major win will pop up when going for the continuous improvements in the long run, so yes, good case, but longer run.  Unless....

…you as a Partner are going to make things repetitive and ensure your award-winning methodology and its IP are reusable, standardized and only need twists and tweaks to tailor it for a specific customer. In this case, implementation time is reduced dramatically, and so is the cost. You will be able to better allocate your consultancy and implementation recourses (highly skilled in combos with junior ones) and increase the user experience and stickiness at the customer side.  

It’s like going from building one-off houses to…. prefab housing! One wants their porch on the other side? Sure! Extra garage? You can!   

Eh some designs...perhaps not such a good idea!

Let’s start building houses!

From House-by-House to Prefab

Your Consulting & Implementation company’s domain expertise and IP, in certain industries, around certain processes or associated with certain use cases, is what differentiates you from the others. It’s not just an implementation of Dynamics 365, or SAP, or implementing a back-office system, or a change management initiative that sets you apart. It’s your way, your proven methodology, your years of experience, captured in your packaged asset-based consulting.

Now captured in PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and people’s minds, why not find a platform to bring all that into one production-lane, anchored on a model-foundation where the solution-house is resting on? From single house-building to prefab, prepare your standard models in the factory, have a warehouse to grab your standard master design modules and drive your prefab packages to the customer’s side, while building things on a modular foundation.

All of a sudden, the whole neighborhood (read: industry) starts getting excited and that one house turns into an entire urbanization project, with harmonized designs and a beautiful small-development neighborhood to walk into and live in.

This is where Mavim accelerates! It positions your pre-defined, industry-proven structure, industry-practice process models on top of the as-is situations, while providing end-to-end visualization and collaboration, from mine and design to execute and continuously improve, and scale future-designs and thrive. You have your master design library at hand and can slightly tailor for the specific customer needs. You as a Partner, are on the move!


Now you see it, now you don’t…

The prefab house is ready in a heartbeat, the garden is manicured to the max, the For-Sale sign is up, what you don’t see anymore is the production lane in the factory that made the prefab parts of the house, or the foundation underneath the house that secures the structure and provides the connections. Are you going to sell the house without the foundation? Or forget to include certain production cost in your selling price? We don’t think so…


When you try and sell a house, you don’t forget to sell the foundation with it… do you?

Mavim, as the production facility and foundation of the solution-house, is an integrated part of your total solution. No pension, HR, Dynamics 365 ERP Implementation, Retail, or GRC transformation project and implementation can exist without the foundation, Mavim. By making it an inseparable part of the offering, not separately priced or positioned, it becomes part, and is integrated. It’s your mechanism to deliver your asset-based consulting and implementation services, period. Have you ever seen a house being sold with the foundation specified separately, as an option?

If the customer still does not want Mavim, adjust your offer, and make your IP-ed solution 50% more expensive. Because you know how difficult or impossible it’s going to be, building a house without its foundation. Not to mention what can happen with the solution-house afterwards…

Build wisely. Build with Mavim!

Looking to get in contact with us directly? Email lieke.oudewesselink@mavim.com for more information.


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