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Whitepaper Low Code No Code

Low code development is a visual approach to software development, allowing someone the ability to automate and build applications and processes with, you guessed it, little to no code. What that really means is that business users can build their own solutions and incorporate low code technologies, like Microsoft Power Platform, into their software suite. Low code, in combination with BPM, allows for faster and interactive digital transformation. By using BPM for governance, companies can reduce risk, avoid cost overruns and miscommunication. Companies that do this consistently are building a digital twin of an organization (DTO). A DTO, or virtual copy of your organization, not only helps you to decide what is causing problems and what needs to be fixed, but also shows you how it can be molded into something better. DTO is a superset of BPM for your entire organization, while helping to prioritize which applications have the highest need to be built. Read more to find out how to utilize low code on your next project.

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