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APQC - Automotive

APQC - Automotive

Automotive organizations around the world depend on a customized and systematic approach to processes used across every automotive warehouse and showroom globally. An industry built on customer service and safety, better processes ensure better customer experience with safer transportation leading to increased efficiency, while also helping to attract and retain staff. The automotive industry relies on a standardized process from the beginning stages of the auto design, to the build and production phase, to the final stage of customer experience, delivery and market strategy. By creating a system that focuses on customer service, lower and more efficient processes in the build stage, employee retention is guaranteed and customer satisfaction ensured. 

However, the benefits of leveraging Mavim & APQC extend far beyond reducing cost or increasing efficiency:

  • By creating a common language to measure and evaluate every process in a business, Mavim provides senior management with an effective way to manage performance for such distinctly different processes such as engineer and plan design, customer experience, warehouse management, and marketing and sales strategy.
  • Minimizing process variation is particularly important for the automotive industry, where every organization deploys a different process that is often times impacted by location. The inherent variation in these processes makes it difficult to achieve consistent standards of customer experience and employee understanding. The Mavim software can help identify best practices and where current process execution deviates from the norm.
  • As the choice for buyers to choose an automotive that best fits their needs while also checking off a list of wants has grown, it is has become more imperative to ensure that the processes that start with the initial design phase are carried out all the way to the time the automotive leaves the lot. While practices within each automotive organization are similar, the lack of common process across each can lead to timely delays and disruptions, costly customer services mistakes and fixes, and a loss of employees. But what about the ability to maintain and produce similar processes across each automotive industry, such as prototyping and testing, which leads to a more effective and cohesive approach across the entire industry? Mavim provides a common language to understand differences in processes and make informed choices about which approach is the best.

Demonstration video: APQC - Automotive

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