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APQC - Upstream Petroleum

APQC - Upstream Petroleum

Upstream Petroleum addresses the search for crude oil and natural gas fields and includes the exploratory drilling as well as operating wells and bringing hydrocarbons to the surface.  The exploration and production of hydrocarbons is a capital intensive affair that requires skilled labor and expensive equipment.  E&P companies (exploration and production) are seeking to maximize production while ensuring safe operations and minimizing environmental impact. APQC offers a leading business process library that E&P companies can use to benchmark their own way of working against the industry standard. 

However, by leveraging Mavim & the APQC Upstream Petroleum process framework, production leaders can:  

  • Establish continuous improvement by visualizing, measuring and monitoring best practice processes in an easy-to-use, Microsoft-based platform.

  • Define the fits and gaps between the current way of working and the future state in an effort to improve business performance.
  • Visualize and communicate the impact of the necessary changes in the context of your organization’s operating model.

Demonstration video: APQC - Upstream Petroleum

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