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APQC - Utilities

APQC - Utilities

Utility companies globally are experiencing a transformation from rigid and outdated systems to more dynamic and automated delivery systems to keep up with customer demand and to drive operational excellence. These companies rely on industry frameworks to provide checks and balances within their systems to ensure that they can keep up with consumer demands, which expect real-time updates and responses from customer service teams. Moreover, utility companies are experiencing pressure to meet and adhere to regulatory environmental requirements to maintain a cost-effective and more efficient infrastructure for the ever-changing demands. 

However, the benefits of leveraging Mavim & APQC extend far beyond reducing cost or increasing efficiency: 

  • By creating a common language to measure and evaluate every process in a business, Mavim provides senior management with an effective way to manage performance for such distinctly different processes such as customer service, account management, and energy and utility management across several different channels.

  • Managing the delivery of utilities to consumers in an on-time and at-cost manner is crucial for utility companies. Defining the processes involved in ensuring the success of this allows for the organization to meet the demands of current and future energy requirements. The Mavim software can help identify best practices and where current process execution deviates from the norm.
  • Outside of customer service expectations with utility industries, internal processes must also be regulated to ensure that the entire organization is able to meet these demands. From customer services representatives who take initial calls, to service providers who are responsible for delivery and maintenance, to the backend which must understand what regulations are currently being set, one way of working is essential to the success of the utility industry. Mavim provides a common language to understand differences in processes and make informed choices about which approach is the best.

Demonstration video: APQC - Utilities

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