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Mavim announces strategic partnership around project execution and portfolio management

Today, Mavim and Projectum announce their strategic partnership around The Transformation Hub. The Transformation Hub (T-HUB), a solution adopted by EY and Microsoft, empowers you to align your change initiatives with the strategic vision of your organization. Together, Mavim and Projectum will build the bridge between the Mavim solution and the Microsoft Project Online engine to translate strategy into effective project execution and portfolio management.  

The Transformation Hub Connection

The T-HUB offers an interactive business portal to manage transformation programs by integrating & aligning strategy and operations with smart technology. It facilitates collaboration across an organization in order to achieve seamless adoption throughout the company. The T-HUB provides a structured and pragmatic approach with smart technology that gives enterprises the golden ticket to a restructured future.  

Project Portfolio Management for the Transformation Hub

Projectum enters into this strategic partnership with the aim of building the PPM solution to support the T-HUB. Projectum was world-wide PPM Partner-of-the-Year with Microsoft last year, and Finalist for PPM Partner-of-the-Year in 2016 (among the 4 best in the world). “With The Transformation Hub, we hope to offer a relevant framework for the largest organizations in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, in turn making a Microsoft PPM Solution even more relevant for innovative companies", says Projectum CEO Peter Kestenholz. ”Mavim is proud to join forces with Projectum", says Wiebe Jager, VP Alliances at Mavim. "We see Projectum as a strategic partner who will help us supporting our customers in their journey from strategy to project execution.”


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