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Joint Solution

Digitization is rewriting the rules of how telecom providers compete. However, developing a digital agenda and driving a digitally centered transformation is a complex task. It requires an unusually high level of coordination of cross-bank initiatives spanning prioritization, resource allocation, and collaboration in execution. That is why Infosys & Mavim have partnered to help companies in the telecom industry create a Digital Twin of a TelCo. This will help customers to:

  • Simulate the impact of new ways of working.
  • Empower and equip your workforce with the skills to succeed in a digital environment.
  • Draw insights using AI and your own customer data to drive innovation.


Deliver New Services

Optimize Digital Operations

Empower the Workforce

Simulate New Ways of Working

About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in 45 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With over three decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, we expertly steer our clients through their digital journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change. We also empower the business with agile digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. Our always-on learning agenda drives their continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem.

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