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Joint Solution

To streamline AEO Assessments and enable large operators to sustain compliance, EY developed the MAVIM AEO framework. The AEO Mavim framework has the following benefits:

  • Facilitating a sustainable way of working for the Operator according to EY methodology
  • Ensuring consistency and avoidance of overlap across multiple entities
  • Simplifying communication across multiple business areas
  • Allowing for consistent and easier reporting, and showing that the Operator is making progress towards AEO leading practices


Always Audit Ready

Priority in Controls

Minimize Physical Checks

Save Time

About EY

Our engagement teams feature Global Trade and Risk Advisory Consultants We can ensure the following skills of team members:

  • A deep understanding of AEO, from a risk management and supply chain perspective, as well as a Customs and Regulatory perspective
  • A proven track record of implementing AEO compliance across several multinational organizations and industries
  • The flexibility to support you in a short window of time, assuming full commitment of the business to achieving compliance

Active in Dutch Industries

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