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Joint Solution

Mavim is partnered with KPMG to deliver Business Process Suites for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provide a systematic method for defining analyzing, improving, and communicating business processes across an organization. The resulting business process roadmap will lead your operation along a clear path, enabling your people to adapt to new technology, new systems, and organizational change. Business blueprints will not only accelerate your implementation, but will also minimize risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment. 


Visualize, Design, and Deliver Your Desired Way of Working

Create Predictable Outcomes

Drive Time to Value

Manage ERP Lifecycle

Facilitates Soft Change

About KPMG

Our specialist Dynamics 365 team will bring the power of the cloud to your operations. With their extensive experience of technology-led transformations, they’ll help you to optimise your business processes, and get the most from your digital investments. Our dedicated Dynamics 365 team will work shoulder to shoulder with you to:

  • Deploy powerful technology that has a lasting impact on business performance
  • Accelerate your digital transformation using innovative methodologies and industry best practice
  • Provide global insight combined with local consulting and technology capabilities
  • Bring you the benefits of our deep Microsoft and Dynamics 365 expertise
  • Forge a lasting collaboration that drives long-term success

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