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Who Are We?

Audittrail is the advice and consultancy partner with whom you can invest all your compliance issues. We are a team of innovative, specialist enthusiasts who always strive to exceed customer expectations. Thanks in part to our partners, we are able to answer and solve your compliance issues with innovative solutions. This way you get faster and better control, and you also stay in control. 

We think it is important that our advice is clear and understandable and that it provides good tools so that the organization can implement the advice itself. Our reports are concise, transparent and really provide input for continuous improvement. Our expertise lies within the domains of privacy, information security, awareness, GRC (Governance, risk & compliance), quality (processes) and, as our name suggests, auditing.

Our Expertise







Our Solution

Audit Trail built the Compliance Management Framework (CMF). This allows government organizations to safeguard their privacy, information security (and more topics) in one system, among other things.  

The CMF is an ISMS (information security management system) and Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) built in 1 software solution. All compliance information can be linked to your People (roles and functions), Processes and ICT Systems (application portfolio and architecture). The solution offers you maximum insight, overview, a great option to make impact analyses, automated reports (think of an authorization matrix) and also provides a set of standard Power-BI dashboards.  

With the CMF you get the complexity of your compliance issues in control. Your accountant's statement, statement of legality or management reports can be created much more easily from a central source of truth, with which you can analyze from any desired perspective where the connections, problem areas, blind spots or interfaces are. 

The solution gives you insight into the current compliance maturity level of your organization and it shows what the organization needs to work on to achieve your goals. It helps your organization to provide insight into the extent to which you comply with legislation and regulations and makes legally required demonstrability a simple matter. 

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Contact Person

Ralph Drijver

Business development | Audittrail

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