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Joint Solution

To help organizations achieve their objective of gaining insight and creating transparency around their social responsibility, BDO has developed the BDO GRC Module in close collaboration with Mavim. This framework provides a single system for mapping out all processes and legislation and regulations as well as the application landscape, the authorization matrix, work instructions, risks and control measures.


Stay Audit Ready

Increase Transparency

Communicate Across Silos

About BDO

Secured in one central source, that is the strength of this solution! The consultants at BDO believe in a personal approach with customized solutions. Because of our size and composition, we have the option to provide your organization with comprehensive advice on your current and future business operations. BDO characterizes itself as innovative, involved and pragmatic. Our professionals work hands-on at both profit and not-for-profit organizations. The multidisciplinary advisory teams within BDO support organizations in the areas of growth, organizational development and internal control. They translate your ambitions into realization and provide support for strategic reorganizations, risk management, compliance management, process improvement, change management, IT Improvement, quality assurance (ISO 9001) and management information. 

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