The Mavim & Microsoft alliance unites Mavim's innovative solutions with Microsoft’s comprehensive digital technologies – including Microsoft Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Project PPM, Power BI, and Office 365 – to help you turn your digital enterprise vision into action.

Mavim has built a repository under Microsoft Office that extends and expands upon the universal standard, Microsoft productivity suite. Due to the integration with Office 365 and Visio, our easy-to-use software enables you to leverage upon data stored in your existing Microsoft applications.

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The Hub for the Microsoft Product Suite

Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV

Microsoft PPM & PowerBI

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft SharePoint | Office 365

Empowering the Use of Microsoft

Mavim integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics in order to speed time to value of ERP implementations. Mavim provides a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization.

The Mavim platform provides an optimal environment for teams to capture, share and validate ERP business processes and process requirements in order to generate a business blueprint for ERP implementations. The clarity provided by Mavim AIM will not only accelerate your implementation, but will also increase predictability about the impact and costs (human and financial) associated with the implementation of business critical applications.
Organizations are undergoing major transformations – the shift to digital business, to become more customer-centric, and keep pace with regulatory changes. Any transformation impacts business processes, often requiring dramatic changes to how people work. Yet over 70% of transformation initiatives fail.

In combination with EY and Microsoft, Mavim offers a packaged solution that empowers you to align your change initiatives with the strategic vision of your organization. Translate strategy into effective project execution in Microsoft PPM and PowerBI with the combined power of Mavim, Microsoft and EY.
Due to the link between Mavim & Visio, Visio charts and Word documents can now be integrated and linked to processes, work instructions as well as legislation and regulations. Mavim is the ideal repository for MS Visio: one central storage area for (process) charts, related process descriptions and other relevant information.

The link between Mavim & MS Visio creates structure and context for all documents and charts. Additionally, thanks to the smart import function in Mavim, you can quickly and accurately import existing Visio, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint information into the Mavim database to get a jump start on your change initiative.
Processes provide the ideal starting point for developing a structure in SharePoint that all employees understand. By linking a process to all the documents required to implement that process – such as templates, forms, roadmaps, work instructions, sample letters, but also laws and regulations – employees can clearly see which information can be found where.

Mavim offers numerous communication options aimed at facilitating end-user adoption of change initiatives. All application data, reports, instructions and updates can be published directly via the Mavim web portal or via SharePoint/Office 365.


Empowering Use of Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

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