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50% Savings Realized on ERP Roll Out at European Vehicle Glass Repair Company


Client struggled to implement new ERP system within time and budget and integrate new acquisitions

A European vehicle glass repair and replace company was undergoing rapid growth through acquisition. They were facing the need to quickly integrate their new acquisitions while ensuring a reliable customer experience across the new locations. To do this, they choose to re-implement their ERP system. However, they began working with a system integrator with no insight into the real customer process or their desired way of working. They quickly ran up against time and budget restraints.


To put them back on the path to success with their ERP roll out, the CIO introduced the Mavim platform. With Mavim they were able to communicate and collaborate on their desired way of working. In Mavim, they mapped their high-level processes, connected risks, roles and responsibilities, related IT infrastructure as well as local regulations. According to the CIO, whereas they were previously developing their ERP processes in siloes, with Mavim they were able to see the real process, as the customer experiences it.


Mavim provided them with the holistic view of their entire business operations. This meant that the ERP implementation was ultimately able to go-live, and because their entire operational blueprint was in Mavim, they were able to implement the new way of working at all their acquisitions 50% faster than all the predictions suggested. In addition, they are looking to use Mavim’s process mining capabilities to understand how the new ERP and processes are performing at each location.

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