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Mavim Professional Annual Subscription

Courses included in Mavim Professional Annual Subscription

Gain full access to all the training material in the Mavim Analyzer Subscription plus all the courses below.

Product Training

By following this course, you will learn how to get the most out of Mavim. You will be able to administer your organization’s Mavim environment and you will become a power user capable of answering your colleague’s questions about the platform.

During this course, we will focus on the role of Process Mining Developer and will go one level deeper into the platform. You will learn how to create your own views and how to create your own customized Process Mining Reports.

In order to become a Mavim Certified Professional, you need to prove your knowledge and experience with the Mavim platform. The exam consists of 25 theory questions and a case to test your understanding of the theory and the application of Mavim.

Still not sure what a Digital Twin of an Organization can offer you and your organization? In thirty minutes, you will go in-depth into what a DTO is, what it can offer you, and three use cases for how this technology is currently being applied in the market. It is something between a webinar, an interactive demo, and training – but you can do it whenever, wherever you are.

During this course, you will learn how to manage and administer the Mavim Portal. Upon completion, you will be able to manage users, groups, look & feel, statistics and navigation options.

Micro Learning Courses

Learn how the information relates to each other in Mavim and how this can be used to make a virtual representation of your business model.

Use templates to structure and pre-fill the information in the description screen.

Build responsibility matrics to make sure your team members know what they are responsible for.

Create a new Mavim database that can be used for training or testing purposes.

Learn shortcuts, tips & tricks that will save you time while working with the Mavim platform.

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