The Mavim Certified Professional Certification program is designed for professionals who want to lead an implementation trajectory in Mavim independent of consultants.

Candidates who complete the full Mavim certification program and pass the exam are certified and registered as Mavim Certified Professional. As evidence, a certificate will be issued. The holder of this certificate is therefore able to independently supervise a functional implementation process in Mavim and can thus be used for business process management projects in his or her organization.


6 days


Mavim Trainingcentrum | Noordwijk
Oude Zeeweg 10 | route

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Acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • How to store relationships
  • How to create matrices and reports
  • How to create links between subjects and external material
  • How to create hyperlinks in description windows
  • How to publish websites with customized web styles and web themes
  • How to create a home page and link the home page to underlying websites
  • Creation of databases with templates
  • Import of available process material
  • Use of templates
  • Application of best-practices
  • Build a distribution model and create a permissions structure
  • Use of fields

Mavim Certified Professional Program

Name Type Length
Mavim Level 1 Training 1 day
Mavim Level 2 Training 1 day
Mavim Level 3 Training 1 day
Mavim Publication Training 1 day
Mavim Implementation Workshop Workshop 1 day
Mavim Exam Exam 1 day
Total 6 days

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