In this training, you will be guided through all the major features of Mavim. By completing exercises and learning from use cases, you will learn how Mavim works so that you can apply it in practice.

After following this one day training, you will be able to independently document process information in Mavim

Acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • The structure and layout of Mavim
  • How to structure information
  • How to make connections between different information elements
  • How to create process diagrams in MS Visio
  • How to create charts from matrices
  • How to store information accumulated in versions
  • How to publish the accumulated information as a website or Word document


1 day




€ 375,- per person (excl. BTW)
(One training is deducted for users with a punch card)

Necessary Background

Experience mwith MS Windows and MS Office

Training Form

Deze training is online te volgen

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