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Training Process Mining

Analyze process-related transaction data and gain insight into the improvement potential of your business processes 


During this training, you will learn how to use the Mavim Process Mining module to analyze your process-related transaction data and recognize the improvement potential of your business processes.  To start this course you first need to gain knowledge from Mavim Manager and the Mavim Portal. You also need to have a general understanding of business process management. 

Prior knowledge of Process Mining is not required, as we will address this in the next module of this course.  If you already have experience with Process Mining, we still recommend following this module so you get used to our vocabulary and our vision of Process Mining.  During the training we will refer to the points mentioned in that introduction.  

The Mavim Process Mining module is built-in and integrated with Microsoft Power BI.  Even if you have experience with Power BI, it will definitely help you during this training.  However, it is not a condition for getting started.  

Within Mavim, we have identified multiple roles related to Process Mining. Examples include the Process Mining Analyzer, the Process Mining Developer and the Process Mining Data Engineer. During this course we will focus on the Process Mining Analyzer. 


If you have any questions during or after this training, please contact Mavim or one of our partners. 

Training Process Mining

Do you want to learn how to use Mavim Mining to analyze process-related transaction data and recognize the
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Training Process Mining

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