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ERP Transformation with Mavim

Create lasting impact on your organization by implementing an ERP solution based on how your company should work

For companies looking to increase operational efficiency, ERP systems offer a great way to streamline processes and automate non-value adding work.  However, as systems age, the organization changes and legacy piles up, some ERP systems impede the very efficiency gains they were intended to achieve.

ERP Transformation is about more than a simple platform upgrade.  ERP transformation with Mavim takes a holistic approach to understand your organization’s operating model and how your current processes & technology support your intended outcomes in an effort to empower you to make the right decisions before, during, and after your ERP implementation.

The Challenge

What’s Holding Business Process Owners Back?

ERP implementations are notoriously difficult.  In many cases, companies resort to a simple platform upgrade in the hopes that the technology alone will fix their issues.  But even for companies that take a long term view, ERP transformations rarely go as planned.  In many cases, business process owners are installed last minute and are unaware of how their company currently executes the business processes they are responsible for.  This makes is very difficult to properly plan, train users, and upgrade the technology to deliver the business outcomes that the new ERP system should provide.

How it works

Built on the Microsoft Stack

Built with the business end-user in mind, Mavim has created a highly intuitive software that Gartner calls “BPA for the masses.” Because it works in the same way as the Microsoft product suite, it is simple to establish end-user adoption on a wide-scale.

Process Intelligence

Mine data from your operational systems, visualize your processes, and transform from a static to a dynamic organization. Mavim shows you what is happening in real time so you can identify opportunities to increase revenue, free capital and ensure customer satisfaction.

For your role

Are you a business process owner looking to understand how your current processes run so that you can ensure a future-proof implementation of a new ERP solution? Are you looking for a way to ensure that your users understand the newly implemented solution and actually adhere to it post-go-live? Request a call back with one of our representatives to learn more about how this technology can empower you by providing you insight into how your organization works today and will work tomorrow.



Drive Time to Value

Mavim allows teams to capture, share and validate Dynamics processes and process requirements within the end-to-end process landscape in order to generate a business blueprint for ERP/CRM implementations. 

Accelerate design phase by 70%

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging the Mavim Implementation Accelerator, business leaders can ensure effective planning and management of post-deployment ERP/CRM support services.

Reduce total cost by 33%

Reduce Implementation Risk

Using Mavim, fewer people need to be involved in developing the scope and implementing the solution. Instead, you can focus on helping users become proficient in Dynamics 365.

Increase adoption by 65%

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