Customer Journey Optimization

Customer Journey Optimization

Smooth the path to successful relationships

Understand how internal processes align with customer needs

Supplier and customer live in two different worlds, with two sets of ideas about how they work. But greater knowledge of your customer’s desires drives understanding about how to answer them more effectively. See where your own activities could change to meet customer expectations faster; introduce innovations that make things happen faster and better; roll out improvements along the entire customer journey. CJO brings you closer to your customers’ ideal world.

  • Model internal processes against external ones
  • See how closely your processes deliver optimal outcomes
  • Refocus your business approach around customer satisfaction
Make data-driven decisions that support customer success

A customer journey is a great start. But it gains value when the numbers go in. How long is that sales cycle taking; what factors are causing the bottlenecks; how many days represent the best case? If you’re aiming for customer success, do it from data. It’ll build a greater understanding of where your delivery processes are succeeding, and where they’re letting the customer down.

  • Build customer journey models based on actual data
  • Compare and contrast As-Is with the ideal To-Be
  • Map out new journeys that put the customer first
Capture your buyers’ actions, outcomes, and decisions as processes

It’s not just touchpoints and milestones that go into a customer journey: it’s a picture of their goals at each junction, what they wanted, how it made them feel. Customer journey maps in Mavim let you illustrate a buyer’s actions, emotions, and barriers as they interact with your brand, visually and meaningfully … showing you what happens from the customer’s perspective.

  • Map out journeys as complete experiences
  • See the choices a buyer faces, positive and negative
  • Understand why an interaction led to an outcome
See visual representations of your buyers’ current and future states

Mavim shows as much as it tells. Out-of-the-box shapes and connectors snap right into the grid for a visual representation of your buyers’ current and future states, showing you how responsive your organization is to what customers really value. With Mavim both internal and external worlds can be mapped in detail, to drive better conversations on improvement initiatives.

  • Libraries of content let you model journeys fast
  • Connections to real data show metrics and measures
  • Visual diagrams let you communicate issues effectively