Risk Matrix

Central Repository for Governance

Mavim for GRC provides an integrated approach to managing, analyzing, improving and communicating governance and regulatory information in an enhanced Visio environment. Mavim acts as a single source of truth for compliance to both internal and external stakeholders. All information related to GRC can be managed from one, user-friendly environment.

Existing information documented in spreadsheets and other sources can be imported, empowering the reuse of existing data. Using the Database Connection Manager ensures that items that are recorded in the CMDB can be connected in Mavim.

Audit and Compliance

Mavim provides a number of pre-configured risk frameworks to simplify the journey to full compliance. With Mavim, visualize strategic business objectives, performance indicators and critical success factors in one central repository where you can define, classify and connect risks to control activities within business processes. This allows end-users to perform impact analysis and generate reports on potentially high-risk areas of the business where controls should be leveraged.

Reports & Dashboards

Mavim can generate detailed reports and advanced dashboards on the relationship between risks, controls, laws & regulations, and business processes. This gives a risk controller the ability to generate a report detailing all risks, the controls on those risks and the impact that it could have on an organization. Additionally, the risks, controls and impact can be visualized so that it is immediately visible which risks need immediate attention. Due to the connection with numerous BI and PPM tools, Mavim offers a variety of visualization options.

Mavim also offers a number of different user interfaces, depending on the desired technical level of the viewer. This helps to engage the business and create communal understanding about the impact of risks, and the controls in place to mitigate them.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim offers numerous communication options aimed at facilitating end-user adoption. All risk, controls, laws & regulations, and processes can be published directly via the Mavim web portal or via SharePoint/Office 365.

The impact that changes in laws and regulations have on business processes are immediately visible and communicable to the organization. When regulations change, all people working on the impacted proceeses receive notification of the change and can give feedback. This helps facilitate "soft" change, by getting the relevant information into the hands of the people who need to make the necessary adjustments.

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