Proven Frameworks & Supporting Methodologies

Mavim supports a number of frameworks that accelerate the creation of a strategic business transformation plan. These frameworks and supporting methodologies provide a step-by-step method for aligning strategy with project execution.

By embedding the frameworks in the Mavim software, organizations can create a dynamic foundation for their strategic portfolio management. Not only does this improve the day to day management of strategy execution by simplifying the information flow, but it also provides additional scenario planning and impact analysis options unavailable in standalone frameworks.

Future State Analysis

By mapping the desired destination onto the current state, Mavim creates a fit-gap analysis on the future state. With this insight, it is possible to generate a project portfolio that will create direct and measurable impact on a company’s strategic vision.

It is also possible to use Mavim to do a fit-gap analysis to validate the existing project portfolio, in order to make clear which projects support corporate strategy and what the impact is on an organization's finite resources.

Reports & Dashboards

Due to an integration with Microsoft Project and Power BI, the newly created project portfolio can be executed, managed and monitored. Not only will this establish insight into the existing state of your organization, but it also helps facilitate a cycle of continuous improvement. Validation of the project portfolio helps determine to what extent investments are justified.

Mavim also offers a number of different views, depending on the desired technical level of the viewer. This helps to engage the business and create communal understanding about why projects are initiatied, and how the work of an end-user has an impact on corporate strategy.

Office365 | SharePoint Publication

Mavim offers numerous communication and collaboration options to fit the needs of your organization. In addition to the standard publication via the Mavim Portal, Mavim offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint which allows you to continue making use of your company's existing communication and information flows.

Mavim supports publication to Office 365 anytime, anywhere, and on the device of your choice. This drives stakeholder involvement and creates the opportunity to involve the entire business by providing a reliable information stream for all end-users.

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