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Visualize and analyze your end-to-end process landscape as it actually runs – not simply how it was designed to run. Process mining in Mavim shows you what is happening in real time so you can identify opportunities to increase revenue, free capital and ensure customer satisfaction.

Watch as your process unfolds, step by step, automatically from your system data. Review side-by-side results of the what and why of your process so you can prioritize improvements.
Drive value by embedding third party content in Mavim. Bring your processes to life by adding YouTube videos to work instructions or by adding business intelligence dashboards to measure and monitor process performance in near real time.
ArchiMate® is an open and independent language for enterprise architects that helps describe and communicate the development, maintenance, and implementation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems and technical infrastructure.

Archimate is fully supported in the Mavim software, and the full notation, meta model, as well as all architectural models, are included as resources. You get a standard APM meta-data set that can be customized based on the situation of the organization. The meta-data allows you to connect the application landscape to architectural images.
The integration between the Mavim Portal & Office 365 bring two worlds together: one platform to understand the context of your changing organization and one environment to collaborate on these changes.

SharePoint documents can be connected to process, roles and risks in the Mavim Portal in order to create context. From the Mavim Portal, these same documents can be opened directly in applications such as Word and Excel Online. Due to an integration with Microsoft Project and Power BI, projects and reports can be created, managed and monitored.

Three Steps to a Digital Twin of your Organization

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