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The Platform

For complex global organizations that are changing or re-inventing their operating models in order to become digital businesses, Mavim provides software that enables major transformation.

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In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation.

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More than 1000 global companies leverage Mavim for a variety of initiatives, such as ERP roll-outs, operating model re-invention, and lean six sigma, among others.

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Still need convincing? Check out Mavim’s extensive video library to witness for yourself just how user-friendly our software is! Listen to both customers and partners explain why they choose for Mavim.

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The Essence of the Mavim Platform


Document and model your processes in an enhanced Visio environment. Using version control, you can manage the processes simple and efficiently.

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Connect strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risk, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform.

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Share information with colleagues, auditors, management and outside stakeholders. Use the Mavim Portal or your own SharePoint/Office 365 environment.

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Improve the quality of the process information on the basis of analysis and simulation. Plan in feedback to complete the continuous improvement cycle.

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Mavim provides a central repository to manage all your applications and systems. This central storage allows you to map and manage your entire IT portfolio in an improved Visio environment. All relevant information such as cost, life cycle data, ownership and manuals are easy to connect and manage.

Existing information documented in spreadsheets and other data sources can be imported. Using the Database Connection Manager ensures that business processes and IT items that are recorded in the CMDB (such as applications, servers, networks, routers, bridges) can be connected in Mavim.
Mavim can generate detailed reports and advanced dashboards on the use of applications and systems. Validating applications helps determine to what extent investments in the IT landscape are justified. The reporting matrix creates insight into whether applications should be replaced, phased out, or maintained.

Mavim also offers a number of different views, depending on the desired technical level of the viewer. This helps to engage the business and create communal understanding about which applications support which business processes as well as the various functionalities and costs attached to them.
ArchiMate® is an open and independent language for enterprise architects that helps describe and communicate the development, maintenance, and implementation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems and technical infrastructure.

Archimate is fully supported in the Mavim software, and the full notation, meta model, as well as all architectural models, are included as resources. You get a standard APM meta-data set that can be customized based on the situation of the organization. The meta-data allows you to connect the application landscape to architectural images.
Mavim offers numerous communication options aimed at facilitating end-user adoption. All application data, reports, instructions and updates can be published directly via a web portal of via SharePoint/Office 365.

The impact that changing processes have on IT and vice versa are immediately visible and communicable to the organization. This functionality facilities stakeholder involvement and creates the opportunity to involve the entire business by providing a reliable information stream for all end-users.

What Clients Say About Us

"The Mavim solution enables easy ways to discuss, communicate, and spread the innovation virus within your entire organization. It also provides dynamic insights so that you can adapt to a changing environment very rapidly. And as I said before, it really highlights this link to the strategic vision of the company. “

Nancy Rademaker, Nexxworks

We only think we can become the leader and stay the leader by collaboration. Collaboration by people, collaboration by systems and collaboration by processes. That’s where Mavim is paramount for us! 

Johan Tijhuis, Director Risk Management ARCADIS

“Mapping the business processes with the desired application landscape ensured us of a future proof solution that is both flexible and manageable.”

Jan Koen, DEEN Supermarkets

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