Business Transformation Framework

Business Transformation Framework

Helping Your Organization Transform Successfully from Strategy to Execution

We live in a time of unprecedented social and economic change. For an organization to survive and prosper, it must be able to innovate continually and adapt rapidly to new situations on an enterprise-wide basis. Transformations can consist of a change in mission, organizational re-design, new systems or IT infrastructure. These broad transformations impact not only people, but also processes and technology.
With the Business Transformation Framework, your strategy will be transformed into a concrete business & information management plan including a change-, program- and project portfolio. The BTF aids organizations in aligning their business strategy, with its preconditions, requirements and principles, and in the formulation of a series of strategic projects in order to achieve the desired transformation.

The Business Transformation Framework

From strategy to execution | Enterprise Transformation Platform
Introduction video Business Transformation Framework
  • Get a first impression of the industry best practice Business Transformation Framework
  • Learn how the BTF helps translate strategy into a project portfolio
  • See how the BTF creates a 360 degree view of your organization
  • Understand the business value that BTF lends to your change projects
With the BTF, you can:
  • Execute your project portfolio with results that drive business
  • Establish insight in the contribution of projects to (new) strategies
  • Create Business & IT Alignment
  • Synchronize strategy and project development
  • Communicate the impact (WHY, WHAT and HOW) of change to your organizaton

Enterprise Transformation Platform | From Strategy to Execution

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Customer Voice

Learn how a Global Fortune 500 Company used Mavim to create a business blueprint that would help them establish one way of working for 80 different offices located in 45 different countries. Mavim gave them a competitive edge, empowering them to alter ongoing operations while delivering big outcomes in a dynamic, high-risk environment.
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