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Business Process Management in two minutes

Learn more about what BPM is and how the discipline is evolving to help companies become increasingly customer-centric and drive digital business to the core of their organizations.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance in two minutes

The rise of digital business is bringing more interconnected risks to every organization. Learn more about how an integrated GRC landscape will drive greater risk awareness, accountability, and ultimately, better decision-making capabilities.

Strategic Portfolio Management in two minutes

Learn more about strategic portfolio management and how the discipline is evolving to help companies ensure that their strategy is translated into an effective change portfolio that will drive business results.

Application Implementation Management in two minutes

Traditional ERP implementations are notorious for running over budget, time, and scoping requirements. And even if they do manage to stay within budget, scope, and time, ERP implementations cause a massive, disruptive operational impact. Learn how you can increase adoption and speed time to value of your ERP implementation.

Enterprise Architecture in two minutes

The future of enterprise architecture is holistic and business facing, necessitating the use of comprehensive modeling tools that allow for the analysis and optimization of business strategy, operational models, business processes, tasks and activities, information flows, applications, and technology infrastructure. Learn more about how Mavim empowers enterprise architects to become innovation leaders.

IT Portfolio Management in two minutes

Every organization is being asked to do more with less. But continuing to support business growth while maintaining or reducing existing levels of investment is complex. As technology becomes further integrated into every facet of business operations, rationalization and harmonization projects are becoming increasingly high risk. Phasing out the wrong technology can create resounding impact across the whole organization, halting daily operations and disrupting business continuity.

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