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Business Originals: Future-Proof Decision-Making: AI's Role in Architectural Transformation

Welcome to the new Business Originals series, where top minds in digital transformation come together to dissect the dynamic landscape of IT Trends . Our upcoming event features esteemed speakers Prof. dr. Bas van Gils and Prof. dr. Barry Derksen, moderated by Prof. dr. Hans Mulder, diving into the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in reshaping businesses and decision-making processes.

Bas van Gils will unveil strategic applications of AI, and how it transforms into a potent business enhancement tool and an indispensable assistant for architects. Following this, Barry Derksen will navigate the complex terrain of AI trust, underscoring its significance in preventing malicious uses. Moderated by Hans Mulder, the discussion will explore the equilibrium between technology and human-centric approaches. Discover how AI facilitates analysis while underscoring the enduring importance of human accountability in ethical decision-making.

Join the speakers in reshaping strategic decision-making teams, transitioning from a coach-centric model to a collaborative approach that integrates decision-makers, frontline workers, and even competitors for co-creation with people and AI.

Key disccusion points that will be covered during this event:

  • Understand how AI can strategically enhance business processes.
  • Explore the concept of trust in AI applications, crucial in countering malicious uses.
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining a balance between technology and human-centric decision-making in the digital era.
  • Gain insights into the future landscape where AI accelerates decision-making processes.
  • Embrace a collaborative approach in decision-making, incorporating diverse perspectives for innovation.

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Prof. dr. Hans Mulder

Grey Matter Matters 

Antwerp Management School



Prof. dr. Bas van Gils

Strategy Alliance

Antwerp Management School




Prof. dr. Barry Derksen


Boardmember ISACA & SSA


Future-Proof Decision-Making: AIs Role in Architectural Transformation

Business Originals

Datum: donderdag 11 april 2024
Tijd: 15:30 uur
Duur: 45 minuten
Locatie: Online
Sprekers: Hans Mulder, Antwerp Management School, Bas van Gils, Strategy Alliance en Barry Derksen, CISO/Boardmember ISACA & SSA
Voertaal: Engels

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