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Webinar Van onbewust onbekwaam naar onbewust bekwaam Compliance Management

De kernvraag voor iedere organisatie is; ga je als organisatie investeren in diverse losse software-instrumenten voor compliance vraagstukken of kies je ervoor om gebruik te gaan maken van een multifunctioneel en compleet platform? Wat is nu de juiste keus? Wat levert uiteindelijk de meeste waarde op of kost op lange termijn het minste geld? Volg het webinar en krijgt antwoord op deze vragen en meer.

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Top Reasons why Business & IT Projects fail [Kickoff to 2021]

During this interview Dr. Hans Mulder will share his broad base of knowledge about why IT projects fail and how to ensure success with a Digital Twin of an Organization.

How Process Intelligence can help Organizations navigate Major Change [Kickoff to 2021]

In this webinar professor Hans Mulder will show you why letting go of a predefined planning & control is essential in the current, complex and unpredictable world. Furthermore he will discuss why becoming an anti-fragile organization will make an organization more resilient and why you should design based on unpredictability.

From Analytics to Action [Kickoff to 2021]

Have you heard of process mining but found the “cost” of learning new technology to be prohibitive?
Did you know that the same technology already exists based on the Microsoft tech stack?
In this webinar, learn how the Mavim platform can help you understand where your process pain is
coming from so that you can ensure that you address the underlying issues preventing operational efficiency.  

Kickoff to 2021 - The future of Digital Twin Technology

Together with Mavim's Chief Product Officer, Gert Meijerink, Director of Information Management at KPMG will share his vision on the promise of Digital Twin Technology as well as its value for massive enterprises today. As one of the visionaries leading in the application of Digital Twin Technology, Gert can offer best practices for those who are at the start of their digital twin journeys.

Customer Journey Optimization [Kickoff to 2021]

At most companies, the CMO’s dream is the COO’s worst nightmare. Customer centricity and the associated
digital initiatives have driven up operational costs and made it difficult to even begin a discussion about back office optimization.
In this webinar, you will learn more about an approach that helps bridge the gap by connecting fact-based
customer journey analysis to operational efficiency.

Mine, Design & Improve business processes with Mavim [Kickoff to 2021]

Are you still making use of expensive consulting firms to help you understand and visualize critical business processes?  Have you heard of process mining but been scared off by the cost or commitment of bringing new technology to your organization? Then this webinar is for you! In a short 45 minute session, we will guide you through the cutting edge technology that makes it possible to mine, design, and improve business processes from within your existing Microsoft technology.

Intelligent automation with a digital twin of an organization [Kickoff to 2021]

In this webinar, you will learn how a Digital Twin of an Organization will help you realize value from your RPA projects before you start and even after implementation.

Scaling RPA with the Microsoft Powerplatform [Kickoff to 2021]

We've all started to understand the value of RPA as it pertains to desktop, task automation.
But how can you turn task automation into large scale business performance improvements?
How can you manage the governance as you try to scale individual RPA initiatives to a level that creates impact?
Join our colleague Hugo Mosch, as he explains how you can use Mavim and the Microsoft PowerPlatform to achieve your vision of RPA at scale.

Implementation Journey Mavim [Kickoff to 2021]

Always wondered how the digital transformation journeys of our customers start? In this webinar our consultant Hugo Mosch will show you how Mavim is implemented within large organizations. How do you start, what do you need and who do you need to help you successfully implement our software.

Continually Improve & Accelerate Dynamics 365 time to value [Kickoff to 2021]

Join Wouter Jan de Baan, Chief Product Officer, as he walks you through how Mavim can help your organization accelerate the time to value of your Dynamics 365 implementation. In this session, you will learn how Mavim empowers you to mine your current state of operations in PowerBI, re-design your target operating model in Visio, and continuously improve your new business processes with Mavim.

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