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APQC - Corrosion

Materials corrosion is common and can be the cause of catastrophic events.  However, the corrosion of materials is preventable.  In order to ensure the safety of people and property, awareness and understanding of the corrosion of materials is essential.  One critically important preventative strategy is the communication and promotion of processes and standards.  APQC and NACE (the Worldwide Corrosion Authority) have developed dozens of dimension statements that highlight existing corrosion management knowledge with process elements identified in the Corrosion Process Classification Framework. 

However, the benefits of leveraging Mavim & the Corrosion Process Classification Framework extend far beyond reducing cost or increasing efficiency: 

  • By creating a common language to measure and evaluate every process in a business, Mavim provides the structure needed to facilitate communication throughout all levels of the organization.
  • Mavim also provides a straightforward way for companies to identify gaps in processes that could lead to the reduced lifecycle of assets due to mechanical, integrity or human error.
  • By providing an integrated platform, Mavim also simplifies the development of a Corrosion Management Maturity Model which creates a roadmap of activities, investments and best practices that lead to higher performance.

Demonstration video: APQC - Corrosion

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