Capabilities Of The Mavim Platform

Process Mining

Intelligently map workflows to uncover process bottlenecks and analytics to optimize the ways you work and operate.

Benefits of Mavim Process Mining

End-to-end visibility on your process execution (100%)

Get 100% overview of the process execution to detect rework activities and loopholes in the day-to-day operations of the IT ticket system.

Shorter lead times after RPA implementation (-80%)

Cut throughput time by 80% between two activities through implementing RPA after analyzing the process execution times and diving into the root causes

Decrease in fraudulent handover moments (-65%)

Through resources analysis the handover of work by the same resource has dropped by 65%.

Increase operational efficiency (+59 %)

By spotting inefficiencies in the process executions, the bottlenecks were identified and improvement projects initiative to increase operational efficiency by 59%.


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