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Capabilities of the Mavim Platform

Mine, Design, and Improve Business Processes with Mavim

Accelerated Process Re-Design

Simplify your process (re)design by visualizing your processes automatically, based on data from your transactional systems. No workshops or brown paper sessions required! Bring transparency to your most important processes and understand where you can optimize for the greatest impact. There is no need for additional tools when you can extract data, analyze the results, and re-design the process all in one place.

Process Discovery

By applying algorithms to your data, process mining shows you exactly how your process flows through your organization. Mavim doesn’t simply pull your data together in a sequence – Mavim creates a dynamic visualization of that sequence that allows you to drill down to understand how your process really works.

Root Cause Analysis

Struggling to understand why your well-designed process isn’t delivering the expected results for your bottom line? Drill down with dashboards to discover the reasons behind process variations and deviations in order to make decisions about automating or re-designing certain process steps.

Process Monitoring

Once decisions about process design have been made and KPIs have been defined, use process monitoring to keep an eye on the daily progress of your most important processes. Quickly view the impact of non-conformance on throughput time and process steps, and understand which process steps cause conformance violations, as well as who and where the conformance violations occurred.

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