Capabilities Of The Mavim Platform

Process Mining

Intelligently map workflows to uncover process bottlenecks and analytics to optimize the ways you work and operate.

What is Mavim Process Mining?

Process Mining can be applied to your customer service, procurement, finance, operations, and other business areas. With Mavim Process Mining, you discover fact-based insights on how processes are executed. You can find process anomalies, compliancy conflicts, deviation patterns and investigate rework. Our Process Mining technology works upon event logs that contain the following data:

  • A unique object that can be traced through parts of your process (sales order ID)
  • An activity or transaction status that is being executed (Sales order created)
  • A timestamp that tracks when the activity was executed (2022- 10-20 13:45:22). Value adding data points can be added for thorough drill through and benchmarking analysis.

Screenshot Claims Handling Discovery

Benefits of Mavim Process Mining

End-to-end visibility on your process execution (100%)

Get 100% overview of the process execution to detect rework activities and loopholes in the day-to-day operations of the IT ticket system.

Shorter lead times after RPA implementation (-80%)

Cut throughput time by 80% between two activities through implementing RPA after analyzing the process execution times and diving into the root causes

Decrease in fraudulent handover moments (-65%)

Through resources analysis the handover of work by the same resource has dropped by 65%.

Increase operational efficiency (+59 %)

By spotting inefficiencies in the process executions, the bottlenecks were identified and improvement projects initiative to increase operational efficiency by 59%.


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