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Mavim Cloud

Learn how easy it is to manage your Mavim software in the Cloud

The Mavim Cloud

Enjoy the full functionality of the Mavim software in the cloud! We will take care of the deployment, maintenance, patches and upgrades so you can focus on driving business value.  

Mavim makes use of Azure, the Microsoft Cloud. We made this decision because of our close relationship with Microsoft but also because of the continuous investment that Microsoft is making in their cloud. Microsoft is constantly investing in the applicability, speed and reliability of Azure, of which Mavim - and you as a Mavim customer - can reap the benefits. Learn more at


Simple Updates & Maintanence

Gain access to new features the moment they are published -- because growing businesses don’t have time to wait for time-consuming updates.  Leave that to us and we will ensure you are always up to date. 

Quick & Easy Deployment

Instead of focusing resources on infrastructure, focus on driving business value from the start. Mavim makes connecting faster and easier, and no on-premise installation means no on-premise upkeep.

Security & Recovery

Enjoy peace of mind for your data with two-factor authentication, tenant encryption, encrypted service communication, data permissions and many other security features. Of course, the Mavim Cloud also fulfills ISO I-27001 security requirements.

Flexibility & Scalability

Remote working is the new norm.   Now you can ensure the full productivity of your workforce regardless of device, time, or location. Need more users? Mavim is infinitely scaleable.  We grow with the needs of your business. 



Mavim provides two different deployment models to our customers: Cloud or Hybrid. All deployment options provide identical software functionality and can be up and running in 15 minutes or less! Still not sure? Learn more about what we offer our customers to keep their information safe.

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Online Training

Learn how you can get the most out of Mavim with our online training platform, the Mavim Academy. Built on OpenEdx, Mavim provides a trainings portfolio that is available for you to follow at your convenience. We offer a wide range of theoretical and practical training options, such as:

  • Mavim for Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Governance
  • Process Modelling in Mavim
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Mavim has chosen to collaborate with Intercept in the deployment and support of Mavim in the Azure Cloud. They are one of the few companies worldwide that meet Microsoft's new Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. This means that Microsoft recognizes them for their ability to deploy Azure-based business solutions on a large scale and in complex environments. As part of this, Intercept has the ability to directly interact with Microsoft on various topics related to Azure. This makes Intercept a reliable partner for Mavim and our customers. In addition, as part of the MSP program, they are checked annually for a further 150 additional control measures. For more information and options for contact, see

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