Mavim facilitates collaborative modelling from a central repository. Due to its user-friendly Visio interface, our software requires minimal training, which accelerates the return on investment. Additionally, the Mavim platform helps enterprise architects drive business value by providing adaptable user interfaces, which facilitates cross domain analysis and decision making with a powerful reporting engine. Mavim supports the international architecture language and diagramming technique ArchiMate® .

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Drive Innovation by Integrating EA into the business

Drive Innovation

Create Flexibility & Agility

Cross-Organization Collaboration

Deliver on Corporate Strategy

Case Studies

Learn how our customers were able to leverage Mavim to deliver on corporate strategy


Speed time to value by leveraging the user-friendly Visio modelling environment

Central Visio Repository

Mavim offers a business facing solution centered around the user-friendly Microsoft Visio.

ArchiMate® & Metadata

Mavim supports the ArchiMate® language and provides a flexible meta-data set that facilitates the connection between data and images.

Cross-Domain Analysis & Decision Making

Mavim provides the ability to do impact analyses, create heatmaps, and provides adaptable user interfaces, which facilitates cross-domain analysis and decision making.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim facilitates stakeholder involvement and end-user adoption with the SharePoint | Office 365 publication capability.


Enterprise Architecture is an approach for capturing complex knowledge about organizations. Approaches range from broad, enterprise-wide based to approaches aimed at capturing and visualizing the knowledge of specific domains such as processes, applications, information & technology. As a discipline, the focus of enterprise architecture is shifting towards becoming more holistic, necessitating the use of comprehensive modeling tools that allow for the analysis and optimization of business strategy, operational models, business processes, tasks and activities, information flows, applications, and technology infrastructure. The future of enterprise architecture is not only holistic, but business facing. This means that any tool supporting enterprise architects needs to be able to provide functionalities of visualization of landscapes, applications, processes, and KPIs on a level of abstraction that is easy for management and non-IT users to consume. It is not about limiting enterprise architects, but about integrating their critical knowledge into the business in order to drive value.

The Mavim Difference

In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. Mavim brings these critical disciplines together in one repository, which facilitates the elimination of silos and creates impact for the entire business.

Mavim empowers organizations to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies (think: Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL) to facilitate the visualization, alignment, and prioritization of innovation initiatives with a company’s strategic vision. By connecting strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim increases the success rate of major Business & IT transformation.