Mavim empowers a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. By extending and enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft Visio, Mavim provides the ideal environment for users to collaborate and improve upon an organization’s business process infrastructure.

Mavim supports simultaneous modelling in the following languages: BPMN, EPC, iDev, cross function flow charts/swim lanes. In Mavim, it is simple to model processes, publish to the web, approve the content and share with end users to support Lean, Six Sigma, or Operational Excellence trajectories.

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Deliver an adaptive and innovative customer experience by creating context & visibility into business operations

Create Context and Visibility

Deliver an Innovative
Customer Experience

Improve Process Quality

Reduce Operational Costs

Case Studies

Learn how our customers use BPM in Mavim to deliver an innovative customer experience


Speed time to value by leveraging user-friendly Visio

Central Visio Repository

Mavim enables a holistic approach to documenting, visualizing and improving critical business processes in Visio.

Reporting & Visualization Engine

Due to the connection with BI and PPM tools, Mavim offers advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities.

Multiple Language Support

Mavim supports multi-schema techniques which facilitates collaboration and stakeholder involvement.

SharePoint Publication | Office365

Mavim facilitates stakeholder involvement and end-user adoption with the SharePoint | Office 365 publication capability.


Business process management (BPM) is a discipline aimed at coordinating the behavior of systems, people, and information in order to achieve a business outcome. Various methods can be used to model, analyze, improve and optimize business processes. The success metric for traditional BPM is operational efficiency which is made possible through standardization and automation. However, the future of BPM will require improvisation, flexibility, and innovation in order to deliver an increasingly customer-centric experience. Future-oriented BPM will require the support of technology that facilitates multi-schema and multi-modeling techniques that empowers employees to service customers by doing the right thing at the right time.

The future of business process management is not only holistic, but fully integrated into the business. This means that any tool supporting BPM leaders needs to be able to provide functionalities of visualization of landscapes, applications, processes, and KPIs on a level of abstraction that is easy for management and non-BPM professionals to consume. It is not about limiting BPM leaders, but about integrating their critical knowledge into the business in order to drive value.

The Mavim Difference

In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. Mavim brings these critical disciplines together in one repository, which facilitates the elimination of silos and creates impact for the entire business.

Mavim empowers organizations to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies (think: Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL) to facilitate the visualization, alignment, and prioritization of innovation initiatives with a company’s strategic vision. By connecting strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim increases the success rate of major Business & IT transformation.