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Capabilities of the Mavim Platform

Mine, Design, and Improve Business Processes with Mavim

Visualizations for Business Users

In Mavim, you see processes represented as a graphical flow model, which depict and orchestrate the flow of work across organizational units in the language of business users. By visually exposing processes, both managers and participants are encouraged to work at the process level rather than an application or task level. Mavim has also recently added a work stream functionality – which helps guide participants in his or her next actions for work items as well as ensure that critical review and approval processes happen.

Multiple Process Standards Supported

Mavim provides a flexible meta-data set that facilitates the connection between data and notations. Mavim supports simultaneous modelling in the following languages: BPMN 2.0, EPC, iDEF, ArchiMate 3.0, cross function flow charts/swim lanes. In Mavim, it is simple to model processes, publish to the web, approve the content and share with end users in a format you can use to see, understand, and evolve your business operations.

Establish Key Risk Indicators

Determine and document objective and quantitative KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) in the area where the process is likely to run off course and create the likelihood of noncompliance. By focusing on a “breakpoint analysis” and attaching a KRI, it is possible for an organization to create more robust insight into residual risk. In addition, this process-focused approach minimizes the number of controls which need to be tested.

Accelerated Process Re-Design

Simplify your process (re)design by visualizing your processes automatically, based on data from your transactional systems. No workshops or brown paper sessions required! Bring transparency to your most important processes and understand where you can optimize for the greatest impact. There is no need for additional tools when you can extract data, analyze the results, and re-design the process all in one place.

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