Map every motion, inform every decision

Transform your Business with a Digital Twin of an Organization

Turning data into business value is easy as 1-2-3 with Mavim


Visualize your processes automatically, based on data from your transactional systems.


Explain the flow of work across the organization to business users by using PowerPoint like visuals.


Mobilize your organization to change by visualizing the current way of working versus the desired way of working.


The economic landscape today is deeper and broader than ever. You don’t have one competitor, but hundreds. You don’t play in one sector, but multiple diverse niches. And there are a thousand different paths to achieve each outcome. An inhouse process can be as simple as accepting an invoice or as complex as end-to-end product manufacture. To thrive, you need to find the most efficient way of doing everything you do – and see how closely it’s being followed. From team to team, department to department, branch to branch.

A DTO helps you find that one best way – or at least works toward that ideal. In easy-to-understand charts and reports, it shows you where best practice has emerged and which processes are dragging everyone down. It shows you the inefficiencies that cost money. The successes that save it. And the innovative transformations you can use as models across the organization.

Your processes are the operating system of your business, connecting people, technology, suppliers and customers, products and services and distribution channels. Use a DTO and you’ll see how all the parts join together, making it easier to manage. Whether you use it for cost optimization, production efficiencies, administrative procedures, even the customer experience. Mavim helps you see your choices – and make your decisions with confidence.