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Capabilities of the Mavim Platform

Mine, Design, and Improve Business Processes with Mavim

Combine Design World with Operational Data

With Mavim, you can enrich your “to-be” operating model with data from your systems of record. This allows you to visualize how work happens for all stakeholders. With this insight, you can mobilize everyone in your organization to change the way they work and ultimately transform your business. Or you can prepare for automation (RPA) by zooming in on key process steps that form consistent bottlenecks. Either way, Mavim helps you gain control by bringing transparency to your organization.

Measure and Monitor Key Risks

Determine key risk indicators and attach them to breakpoints by tagging the KRIs in Mavim in order to receive (near) real-time insight into breaches as they happen. This allows for accelerated remediation and the elevation of breaches to the necessary level within the organization. Mavim creates insight into which specific combinations of transactions previously led to a serious breach, and then, by creating business rules on those combinations, alerts can be sent out as the breach is occurring.

Ensure Next Steps

Mavim also has work stream functionality – which helps guide participants in his or her next actions for work items as well as ensure that critical review and approval processes happen. With Flows, you can quickly and easily create tasks, request approval or feedback, and send updates to stakeholders. Users will be asked to confirm and communicate that requested actions have been taken. As part of the process, users will receive email notifications about pending tasks, and can view and respond to all requests in his or her individual dashboard. The personal dashboard also gives insight into which feedback has already been given by the user.

Integrate into Office 365

The integration between the Mavim Portal & Office 365 bring two worlds together: one platform to understand the context of your changing organization and one environment to collaborate on these changes. SharePoint documents can be connected to process, roles and risks in the Mavim Portal in order to create context. From the Mavim Portal, these same documents can be opened directly in applications such as Word and Excel Online. Due to an integration with Microsoft Project and Power BI, projects and reports can be created, managed and monitored. Not only will this establish insight into the existing state of your organization, but it also helps facilitate a cycle of continuous improvement.

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