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Most organizations have a clear vision for where they want to be in five years and what they want to accomplish. Yet, the traditional approaches of how to get there have left much to be desired. Cobbling together applications doesn’t give you the full view of how the organization is responding to changes, deploying resources, and delivering customer value. Not to mention the amount of time and money spent on complicated integrations and training. In today’s world, the atomized approach is not enough. Total transformation requires an integrated approach.

Here are a number of actionable opportunities for creating business value. While the Mavim platform addresses numerous distinct business issues, these use cases were chosen as representative based upon the hundreds of customers who were able to achieve tangible, repeatable results.

How Customers Use Mavim to Drive Value

Application Implementation Management

Accelerate the implementation of ERP & CRM solutions

IT Portfolio Management

Move Beyond Monitoring to Gain Control Over the IT Landscape

Business Process Management

Bring visibility and transparency to the process landscape

Governance Risk & Compliance

Manage strategic governance and risk while ensuring compliance to multiple regulations

Enterprise Architecture

Visualize, design, and communicate the operating model of the organization

Strategic Portfolio Management

Drive alignment between strategy and the execution of mission critical programs

What Customers Say About Mavim

  • rob
    Q8 Petroleum / Rob van den Bosch, SAP Core Competence Center Manager

    "Mavim enabled us to keep our SAP implementation within budget and helped our users embrace the change."

  • jan-koen
    DEEN Supermarkets / CIO

    “With the Mavim platform, we gained insight into the connections between the strategy, architectures, projects, customers, products, services, processes, people, IT infrastructure, applications, and the connecting interfaces. With that insight, we are able to make the right decision at the right time, and understand how our work is related to strategic goals.”

  • tim moddel
    DXC Eclipse / Business Process Specialist

    We see the power of the Mavim solution in its ability to easily communicate a process across the organization which is critical to the successful communication of change as part of an ERP implementation. It means that you are going to have a more successful adoption of that new solution.

  • nancy
    Nexxworks / Nancy Rademakers, Customer Centricity Expert

    In order to align your innovation with the strategic vision of your company, you do need the digital tools to support that. The Mavim solution enables easy ways to discuss, communicate and spread the innovation virus within the entire organization. It also provides dynamic insights so you can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

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