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Business & IT Transformation with Mavim

For complex global organizations that are changing or re-inventing their operating models in order to become digital businesses and who want to transform into agile organizations prepared to adapt continually to a fast changing environment, Mavim provides software that enables major business transformation. Mavim offers a Microsoft-based platform that empowers the visualization, alignment, and prioritization of innovation initiatives with a company’s strategic vision. By connecting and managing strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim increases the success rate of major transformation.

By mapping the desired destination onto the current state, Mavim creates a fit-gap analysis on the future state. With this insight, it is possible to generate a project portfolio that will create direct and measurable impact on a company’s strategic vision.

Business & IT Alignment

One Platform to Rule Them All

Most organizations have a clear vision for where they want to be in five years and what they want to accomplish. They want to take advantage of innovative technologies, have the ability to bring new product/service lines to market rapidly, and drive customer value while reducing overhead. Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. In today’s world, the atomized approach is not enough. Total transformation requires an integrated approach.

Mavim brings six critical management disciplines together in one platform, empowering the elimination of silos and creating impact for the entire business. The Mavim proposition is unique in that it empowers organizations to continue to make use of the intuitive, worldwide standard Microsoft Office technologies (think: Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL). Additionally, the Mavim software is infinitely scaleable, which allows for the expansion and adjustment of the scope as the needs of the business change.

Mavim Empowers an Integrated Approach to Transformation

Regardless of starting point. Or device.

Mavim empowers a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. Read more
Mavim enables the inventory and management of application portfolios from one central location. Read more
Mavim facilitates collaborative modelling from a central repository. Due to its user-friendly Visio interface, our software requires minimal training, which accelerates the return on investment. Read more
Mavim helps organizations to connect and visualize information about policy, risks, and regulations in an integrated way that makes the relationship between business and IT-related goals visible. Read more
Mavim provides a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. Read more
Built upon Office 365 and Visio, Mavim helps business leaders choose projects that will contribute to corporate strategy and drive alignment between strategy and execution. Read more


Mavim supports transformation from strategy to execution

We live in a time of unprecedented social and economic change. For an organization to survive and prosper, it must be able to innovate continually and adapt rapidly to new situations on an enterprise-wide basis. Transformations can consist of a change in mission, organizational re-design, new systems or IT infrastructure. These broad transformations impact not only people, but also processes and technology.

With the Business Transformation Framework in Mavim, your strategy will be transformed into a concrete business & information management plan including a change-, program- and project portfolio. The BTF in Mavim aids organizations in aligning their business strategy, with its preconditions, requirements and principles, and in the formulation of a series of strategic projects in order to achieve the desired transformation.

With the Business Transformation Framework:

  • Execute your project portfolio with results that drive business
  • Establish insight in the contribution of projects to (new) strategies
  • Create Business & IT Alignment
  • Synchronize strategy and project development
  • Communicate the impact (WHY, WHAT and HOW) of change to your organization

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