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APQC - Healthcare Provider

Even though healthcare is dependent on individual physicians, the healthcare system consists of a complex web of interdependent processes. Better processes can deliver better care to more people at a lower cost. But better processes can also help to attract and retain staff. While sub-standard processes create a downward spiral of poor care, lessen the ability to attract and retain staff and increase cost, superior processes create an upward spiral of excellent care, strengthen the ability to attract and hold staff, and lower expenses.

However, the benefits of leveraging Mavim & APQC extend far beyond reducing cost or increasing efficiency:

  • By creating a common language to measure and evaluate every process in a business, Mavim provides senior management with an effective way to manage performance for such distinctly different processes such as transplanting organs, registering patients, filing claims, or purchasing sutures.
  • Minimizing process variation is particularly important for the healthcare industry, where every physician deploys a different process. The inherent variation in these processes make it difficult to achieve consistent standards of care. The Mavim software can help identify best practices and where current process execution deviates from the norm.
  • Consolidation in the healthcare industry has led to the formation of large hospital chains. However, few organizations have been able to transcend organizational legacies. As a result, few have gone further than establishing a common accounting system. But what about being able to look at similar processes across different organizational units – such as hip surgery – and being able to replicate the most effective approach across the entire chain? Mavim provides a common language to understand differences in processes and make informed choices about which approach is the best.

Demonstration video: APQC - Healthcare Provider

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