APQC - Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense


As an expansive industry that continues to grow with new developments, operating in the aerospace industry requires that regulations and processes be well thought out, designed, and created with defense implications in mind. Unlike other industries that are reliant on more consumer facing processes, the aerospace industry needs to act as a well-oiled machine on the backend. With a heavy focus around compliance, the frameworks and processes that support this industry must adhere to strict regulations, while burdensome, are necessary to maintain an organization’s security. Despite this, this allows the opportunity to onboard the right technologies to automate compliance and make it easier to adhere to.

However, the benefits of leveraging Mavim & APQC extend far beyond reducing cost or increasing efficiency:

  • By creating a common language to measure and evaluate every process in a business, Mavim provides an effective way to manage processes that need to be regulated for compliance, while also establishing one way of working across the many diverse levels of an organization. This ensures that the customer facing opportunities are leveraged by a through backend management.
  • As the aerospace and defense industry continues to evolve, it is vital that organizations are up to date with the changing regulations and that their processes also adhere to this. Mavim allows organizations to connect and visualize information about policy, risks, and regulations in an integrated way that makes the relationship between business and IT-related goals visible. Additionally, the Mavim software also functions as a central repository for all governance and risk documentation, which creates the opportunity for impact analysis and compliance reports to be generated and published to internal or external stakeholders.