Achieving Operational Excellence: A Roadmap for Succes

Webinar Wednesday
March 20, 2024
Written by Mavim
Webinar Wednesday

Achieving Operational Excellence:
A Roadmap for Success

Wednesday, March 20 | 09:30 – 10:15 EST | 15:30 – 16:15 CET

Operational Excellence entails making your organization scalable. This refers to increasing the capability to handle more volume with the same team with better customer focus . Navigating the journey towards Operational Excellence is not without its hurdles. As organizations strive for excellence, they face unique challenges that require strategic insights and innovative solutions.

Join us for a transformative event, "Achieving Operational Excellence: A Roadmap for Success," where we explore the core principles of Operational Excellence and address the obstacles organizations face in achieving operational excellence. How can your organization overcome these challenges and thrive in the pursuit of excellence?

Key discussion points that will be covered during the webinar:

  • ü  What does Operational Excellence (OPEX) encompass?
    Discover the core principles and essential elements contributing to the success of OPEX. Dive deeper into the philosophy and understand how this approach can transform organizations.
  • ü  Importance and Benefits of OPEX
    Why is OPEX crucial, and what benefits does it bring? Explore how the pursuit of operational excellence not only promotes efficiency but also yields sustainable advantages for your organization. Learn why it's an investment in the future.
  • ü  Implementation and Approach
    How do you initiate the journey towards OPEX? Learn where to start and gain practical insights and strategies to successfully implement OPEX in your business environment.
  • ü  OPEX in Practice with Tooling
    Discover the power of Mavim in the context of OPEX. Learn how this platform simplifies and enhances the integration of OPEX principles.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for achieving operational excellence – secure your spot now by registering for the webinar!

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Bart Dassen

Alliance Manager


Jurgen van Wijck

Senior Business Consultant