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Six Disciplines in One Platform

In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. The Mavim proposition is unique in that it empowers organizations to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies (think: Visio, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL) which provides a straightforward environment for the planning and execution of strategic change. Additionally, the Mavim software is infinitely scaleable. Decide where you want to start (ex. BPM within HR) and expand and adjust the scope as the needs of the business change.

Customers use our software for a variety of improvement initiatives, including quality management, business process management, project portfolio management, operational excellence, lean six sigma, and continuous improvement.


What Makes Mavim Unique

User-Friendly. Proven Technology.

Built on the Microsoft Stack

Built with the business end-user in mind, Mavim has created a highly intuitive software that Gartner calls “BPA for the masses.” Because it works in the same way as the Microsoft product suite, it is simple to establish end-user adoption on a wide-scale.

Includes a Transformation Quick Start

Get a running start on your digital transformation with the industry standard best practice frameworks available in the Mavim software. Utilize the pre-configured models to give shape to your journey and ensure that your transformation makes it successfully from strategy to execution.

Enables Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is made easy with the Mavim SharePoint/Office 365 and Yammer integration. Managing all information from one single source enables clear communication to stakeholders in order to ensure collaboration, adoption and ultimately, change.

Mavim Empowers an Integrated Approach to Transformation

Regardless of starting point. Or device.

Mavim empowers a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. Read more
Mavim enables the inventory and management of application portfolios from one central location. Read more
Mavim facilitates collaborative modelling from a central repository. Due to its user-friendly Visio interface, our software requires minimal training, which accelerates the return on investment. Read more
Mavim helps organizations to connect and visualize information about policy, risks, and regulations in an integrated way that makes the relationship between business and IT-related goals visible. Read more
Mavim provides a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. Read more
Built upon Office 365 and Visio, Mavim helps business leaders choose projects that will contribute to corporate strategy and drive alignment between strategy and execution. Read more


The Structure of the Software

Success in Four Simple Steps

Use Cases

Learn more about how our customers use Mavim for their transformation initiatives

Create a connection between people, processes, and systems


Share all defined and relevant process information with your colleagues. Let them give you feedback on the published information and involve them in the process of continuous improvement.


Describe, visualize, report, monitor, improve and communicate all process information from different departments, from blueprints to work instructions, in an efficient and effective way.


Map the application landscape in a consistent way. Connect applications, people and processes. Bridge the gap between business and IT and get a clear insight in the impact of changes.

Trusted by more than 1,000 global organizations

Used daily by a million end-users worldwide

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