Mavim Manager



The Enterprise License includes the following functionalities:

  • All import and export capabilities are available, such as XML and Active Directory import
  • Version Distribution is available between Mavim databases
  • Batch Publishing, which allows multiple versions to be created and/or published at will
  • Simulation is available for process and functional flow diagrams


The Professional License includes the following functionalities

  • Access management, to give users access and permissions
  • Version control, in order to demonstrate that the information is current
  • Publish to HTML or SharePoint/Office365
  • Web form creation, in order to facilitate communication with end-users
  • Save information in multiple languages with the translate Explorer
  • Create Linked Copies in order to facilitate simple document management
  • Generate Reports with the report generator in order to create insight into how subjects relate to each other, through for example, impact analyses
  • Link SharePoint documents
  • Work in the objects branch. This is relevant for users in order to be able to determine characteristics on relationships
  • Definition and filling of fields (meta data), in order to apply additional information to subjects in a structured way
  • Determine the Look-and-feel of HTML website publications with the Webstyle Editor and MySite and equip Visio diagrams with customer Visio stencils in order to follow the organization’s corporate brand identity
  • Connect external website links and documents to subjects in Mavim
  • Use the Matrix function in order to accelerate the creation of relationships and connections
  • Develop MS Visio diagrams, which are centrally stored in the Mavim repository in order to facilitate collaboration and version control
  • Import information from MS Word and Visio and establish relationships between subjects
  • Export reports to Excel and export diagrams to Visio
  • Publish to MS Word
  • The license is a prerequisite for working with the advanced functionalities of Mavim