mavim portal




The Administrator is the all-encompassing license for the Mavim Portal. The administrator license must be held by at least one person at all times.

  • The Administrator manages “user access” and permissions through the customer’s Active Directory.
  • The Administrator can customize the logo in the portal and change the home button as well as the content and order of the description window.
  • The Administrator manages which versions are made available to the subscribers, contributors, and approvers via “Online/Offline or Approval mode.”
  • By making use of Portal statistics, the administrator can monitor how the Portal is being used, including frequently visited pages and reports, as well what searches have been performed.



In combination with the Subscriber and/or the Contributor and/or the Approver, the Moderator is the manager of the tasks/action function.

  • The moderator puts proactive tasks / actions available using web forms that facilitate the approval of content, improvement proposals, audits or assessments. A task can be created at any web form with an associated topic Mavim.
  • The moderator has exclusive access to versions that are set to "Hidden" in order to be able to view the history.
  • The moderator can create links to PowerBI reports in the Mavim Portal. This allows a connection to be made between specific reports in PowerBI and the Mavim Portal.
  • The moderator can switch sites to Online/Offline or Approval mode.



In combination with the Subscriber and/or the Contributor, the Approver has exclusive access to versions that not been released to the organization.

  • At the request of the moderator, the Approver can fill in web forms on versions that are in “approval mode.”
  • Once approval is given by the Approver, content will be put online by the Moderator.
  • The Approver can subscribe to both notes as well as web forms. Once a note or web form is created on a subject to which the Approver is subscribed, a notification will be sent via email. A link to the relevant subject will be included in the mail, in order to navigate directly to the Mavim Portal.
  • The Approver can see the completed web forms of other users.



In combination with the Subscriber, the Contributor actively contributes to the content in the Mavim Portal via web forms.

  • Via the Mavim Portal, the Contributor can deliver planned feedback via web forms at the request of the Moderator.
  • The Contributor has a personalized task list that is accessible exclusively for that Contributor. Tasks are assigned by name.
  • Outstanding tasks are made visible in the dashboard and on the subject line in the tree structure.



The Subscriber has access to the Mavim portal. In the subscriber license, the following functions are available:

  • The Subscriber can access all published information from the Mavim Manager in the “three-part menu” Mavim Portal.
  • The Subscriber can create ad-hoc notes on any subject.
  • The Subscriber can put comments in the notes, creating a dialogue as the Moderator.
  • Subscribers can subscribe to subjects including all related subjects. Once a note is made on a subject to which the Subscriber is subscribed, an email notification will be sent.
  • Subscribers can view notes from other users and from previous versions.
  • Also, the subscriber can create a deep link to a full screen report or schedule.