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Joint Solution

To help organizations manage privacy and security compliance, Audittrail and Mavim created the Compliance Management Framework. This Microsoft-based platform can be implemented in your organization to manage compliance for Privacy and InfoSec.   The Audittrail compliance management services provide an in-depth combination of knowledge in compliance challenges such as GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27000 and others. Our distinctive approach is that we can start all projects at any point, depending on your organization’s needs and maturity level.


Quick Start Your Compliance Program

Gain Insight into Current Levels of Compliance

Increased Confidence in Business Resilience

Clear Dashboards for Management

About Audittrail

As an innovative and highly specialized, pragmatic partner we always look forward to exceeding our client’s expectations.   We are specialists in privacy (GDPR, CCPA, and more), information security, quality audits and related advisory services and have been innovating privacy and InfoSec (Cyber) compliance management programs since 2009.   We help our clients meet their compliance demands!

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