About Cegeka

Cegeka is an IT consultancy that provides solutions and services while working closely in tandem with their customers. Cegeka started out with a few mainframe solution services, but they now have grown into an international player with all-around technological expertise in various industries. Their three prominent industries for aiding are Pharma, Food Services, and Professional Services, but they also have experience in helping customers in multiple other industries.

There is a huge amount of internal collaboration that goes on to work together to develop solutions that accelerate the growth of their customers through digitization. The solutions that they use and recommend, truly generate business impact for their customers and help them stay relevant in a rapidly changing digital world.

Their knowledge and expertise in focus markets, technologies and trends, enables them to build complex platforms that can be customized by customer or market, consisting of multiple connection points and integrations. These connections that they formulate are needed to build bridges between companies, business models and partners, to ensure your business can keep adapting to change and stays connected thoroughly.

Mavim x Cegeka Partnership

Mavim is partnered with Cegeka to deliver business process suites for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations and other application infusions. Our business process suites provide a systematic method for defining, analyzing, improving, communicating, and connecting business processes across an entire organization. This resulting business process roadmap from Mavim will lead your implementation along a clear, smooth path, enabling your people and business strategy to adapt to new technology, new systems, and organizational change for future shifts. Cegeka customizes these business blueprints in Mavim, to adjust to their customer’s needs, business, and industry best practices to accelerate their customer’s app implementations, to minimize the risk involved, increase user adoption, and ultimately result in an improved ROI.

Benefits of the Partnership

Leveraging the Mavim and Cegeka Partnership throughout a D365 or other application implementation can truly improve the results and success of this implementation.

• Improve win rates

• Lower client delivery cost

• Improve client benefits

• Improve delivery quality

• Improve TC business process understanding and use in delivery


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