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Mavim Consulting Partner

The business model for management consultancy is shifting – the value-add is no longer in deploying human capital that give bespoke diagnoses. The consultancy firms who are actively disrupting their competition are focused on the customer. They are delivering what the customer wants – business results – with greater speed than their competitors. 

The Mavim Consulting Partner is a consulting organization with expertise in a specific subject matter and/or segment that standardly uses the Mavim software in their service offerings. Based upon the Microsoft Office productivity suite, Mavim empowers consultants to enable their customers to re-use existing data (speeding time to value) and continue using their Microsoft technologies of choice (increasing adoption). Mavim also helps you to empower your customers by leaving behind results in a system they can maintain, which keeps your firm top of mind between engagements.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Keep your organization top of mind between engagements
  • Differentiate your organization from the competition
  • Deliver rapid business results
  • Use the Mavim software "as a service"

Mavim Solution Partner

Most consultancy organizations have methodologies and frameworks based upon years and years of experience in the field, but have difficulty illustrating their best practices for the customer in a way that differentiates them from their competition.

A Mavim Solution Partner is a Mavim Consulting Partner that not only uses the Mavim software in its service offering but also has created a solution model and accompanying methodology that is recorded in the Mavim software. By leveraging and productizing your IP in the Mavim software, you ensure that your best practices are immediately visible to the customer, so that they understand the impact that your IP will have on their business.

Benefits Of Partnership

  • Productize consulting knowledge by capturing in a packaged IP
  • Become independent of your best consultants
  • Map industry best practice on customer situation to speed time to value
  • Have collaborative discussions about business results - not technical requirements


Mavim value added Reseller

Market forces have demanded that consultancy organizations specialize in order to survive, but these same organizations struggle to meet the conflicting needs of their customers. Customers want to engage the experts in the field and save time by having all their needs serviced in one place. 

A Mavim Reselling Partner is an organization that is authorized, empowered and able to independently sell the Mavim software. Additionally, the Mavim Reselling Partner is able to provide both functional and technical support for customers. Mavim provides your business with an extra dimension – a way to deliver the speed, responsiveness, and control that customers value. Not only can you leverage Mavim as a way to differentiate your service offerings, but you can also leave the customer with results in a system they can easily maintain, which helps to keep your firm top of mind between engagements.

Benefits Of Partnership

  • Visualize industry understanding for the customer
  • Productize consulting knowledge by capturing in a packaged IP
  • Introduce an additional revenue stream into your business
  • Become a "one-stop shop" to address all your customers' needs